So…..What's the Point?

Musings from a Fellow Struggler


This blog is a way to communicate what I’m learning from my theological research and Biblical studies; it is, therefore, personal and in the present tense. I suppose the need to do this comes from my preaching and teaching background but whatever the reason I have to do it anyway and hope people who stumble on to this blog will gain some degree of benefit from it. If you’re reading this, then, welcome and enjoy. Take what is useful and leave the rest. And, if perhaps there is some worthwhile stuff here, let others know.

I do apologize out the outset for the infrequency of posts. This is due primarily to a strange work schedule.  However, a lack of creativity at times might also be to blame…along with a certain lack of self discipline…and distractions like football games.  I could go on but you get the point. But I do promise to remedy these shortcomings and ask that you pray the Lord will use these writings in some small way.

By the  way, I live in Temecula, CA. so if you’re out and about in this area and would like to get together, just drop an e-mail to And if you have any ministry needs, I’m available to help.

One final note: I would appreciate it greatly that if you find something useful in these blogs and use it in some way please attribute the work. If you want to change something in any of the entries please notify me first. Thanks.

© W.G. Ryzek PhD


14 thoughts on “About

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  3. Steven Atwood on said:

    I like your site, you make some interesting points

  4. “theological research & biblical studies” finally I have someone who could discuss the 4 different end time views with me sometime. Not in a debate or anything just tossing around some thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definitely be following yours. Take care!

  5. Awesome website! So far, from what I’ve ready, you’re right on target with God’s Word!

  6. I am blessed by your words and humbled both!

  7. I like your site and the work you put into your teachings. God bless you, my brother. I will be visiting.

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