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I Had An Accident!

Its been a rather long time since I’ve posted anything so for those of you that read these blogs an explanation is due.

I had an accident Nov 21, 2011 and ended up in ICU for three days. I still have no memory of what happened but I somehow fell and sustained a skull fracture along with some other persistent ailments. I haven’t been able to work since because of these problems and having no insurance of any kind my wife and I are struggling along.  Thank God for our kids who have stepped up to the plate to help us out.

At any rate, the accident has taken a toll on me physically and even mentally. I’ve noticed a bit of a slowdown when processing information. And I’ve learned that injuries such as mine hasten dementia and Alzheimer’s. I haven’t felt like writing but the last few days its been different; I’m feeling the itch again! So, I’d better get with it before mental oblivion sets in and I can’t remember anything anymore.

Those that do read this blog I ask that you pray for me and my family that we get through these difficult financial and physically taxing times.


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